The 15th LOOP Fair Spotlights Barcelona as the Capital of the Visual Arts Sector

LOOP Fair, the world’s leading video art fair, will be held on 25 and 26 May 2017.

The LOOP Fair and Festival have become established as the most transversal international video art and artist film meeting.

Over a two-day period, LOOP highlights and prompts an in-depth look at the current state of video art creation.

This year’s LOOP lays the foundations of the origins of video art and its future.

Barcelona, May 2017. LOOP Fair emerges as the most plural, dynamic international video art forum. From 25 to 26 May 2017, it will bring together in Barcelona a diverse community of professionals made up of artists, collectors, gallerists, curators, academics, researchers and other agents linked to this scene. Ever since its inception in 2003, LOOP has aroused a growing interest in artist video and cinema among artists, galleries and museum institutions.

LOOP provides the context for this type of work, having become the paradigmatic international meeting point for professionals and enthusiasts of art productions in the video and moving image format. A hybrid meeting point – fair, congress, festival – which aims to address the challenges posed by the very dynamic of creation and distribution, arising largely from the hybrid nature of such art productions and the ongoing transformation of technology and of the various screening environments and distribution channels. Clearly, all of this affects the processes of production, dissemination, marketing and consolidation of these practices.

The 45 entries submitted by artists of 28 different nationalities showcase the current state of artist video and film creation. The committee is made up of 4 internationally renowned collectors – Jean-Conrad and Isabelle Lemaître (Paris), Haro Cumbusyan (Istanbul, Zurich), Renée Drake (Rotterdam) and Marc and Josée Gensollen (Marseille) – and their selection reflects the main lines of critical thinking and research currently coalescing among artists of this medium.

The selection of participants reveals a decentralised focus, as embodied by the provenance of artists and galleries from a total of 28 countries, notably Colombia, Croatia, Greece, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Romania, South Africa, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand and Turkey, as well as other important production centres such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Mexico City, London, Los Angeles, Paris and São Paulo.

Participating in the Fair are such established artists as the award-winning Thai filmmaker and artist Apichatpong Weerasethakul (Anthony Reynolds Gallery), Ali Cherri (currently presenting two solos, at Jeu de Paume, Paris and the CAPC, Bordeaux, presented by Imane Farès), Ferhat Ozgur (a beacon of activist Turkish art, showcased in The Pill), Ali Kazma (and his new film, “Analix Forever”), and the Spanish artists Esther Ferrer (a Premio Velázquez and Premio Nacional de las Artes award winner, Galeria Àngels, Barcelona) and Cristina Lucas (presented by the renowned Juana de Aizpuru Gallery, Madrid). They are joined by such upcoming figures as Ismaïl Bahri (Galerie Les filles du calvaire), Melanie Bonajo (Akinci Gallery), the artist duo Sander Breure & Witte van Hulzen (gallery Tegenboschvanvreden), Gianfranco Foschino, (Christopher Grimes Gallery, Los Angeles), David Raffini & Florian Pugnaire, who will be premiering a video with the Galerie Papillon, the Brazilian Leticia Ramos (Mendes Wood DM) and Tercerounquinto, represented by Proyectos Monclova, Mexico City. Also prominent is the use of digital animation in web and gif formats by the artists Rafaël Rozendaal, (Steve Turner Gallery) and Erdal İnci, represented by Art On Istanbul.

Additionally, three artists scheduled at this year’s LOOP Fair and currently participating in the Venice Biennial are Sasha Pirogova (Triangle Gallery), Marcos Ávila Forero, with a double premiere at LOOP (Dohyang Lee Gallery and ADN Galeria) and Mohau Modisakeng (Galerie Ron Mandos).

Like LOOP Festival and LOOP Talks, this new edition of LOOP Fair, under the title Winding the Clock Back, provides the opportunity to review pioneering video artworks as a means of understanding current audiovisual production. Linking up with installations by pioneering artists located in Barcelona, LOOP Fair will feature groundbreaking work by the Vasulka brothers, presented by the Berg Contemporary, and the Brazilian artist Analívia Cordeiro, with the Galerie Anita Beckers. They are joined by the first few experiments with film animation by architect Yona Friedman, presented by the Gallery Jérôme Poggi.

LOOP Fair continues to encourage collecting, crucial to the development and formalisation of artistic thinking. To this end, also to be presented at the Fair is the Loop Acquisition Award for the best film or video, sponsored by Catalonia Hoteles. The winning entry will form part of the LOOP collection and be deposited in the MACBA. This year’s jury members are Ferran Barenblit, of the MACBA; Kathryn Weir, from the Centre Pompidou in Paris, and Irene Calderoni, from the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, in Turin.

The LOOP Fair also enables collections with a sizeable amount of video art to be augmented. The first such extension was facilitated this year via the Sercotel Amíster Art Hotel Prize, awarded to artist Elke Andreas Boon of the Annie Gentils Gallery. The work will become part of the collection dedicated exclusively to video and will be on display for hotel guests to view.

LOOP Fair – a Reflection on Current Tensions and Networking with New Collaborators

With the selection of videos and films at the Fair, and examples of the media’s inception at the Festival, LOOP Barcelona will be an opportunity to rethink the role and evolution of video in defining contemporary discourse and its current continuity. Alongside a group of collaborators – curators, researchers and critics – a process of reflection has emerged regarding each exhibit in the Fair, texts on which are featured on the website and in the Selected 12 publication.

Such observation of the relationship between the ego and the other reveals different narratives. Post-colonial or queer theories will be analysed in order to construct an individual identity, as opposed to a story or collective narratives. Strategies wielded by power structures will again be called into question, new forms of collective social construction will be imagined and new places of knowledge will be proposed. New images of progress and its landscapes could be the setting for fictions, or else become diluted as a symbol of bygone utopias and dystopias, while digital virtual imagery will replace that of electronic bits.

With this commitment to networking and working online, this year’s LOOP will again be joined by specific collaborators from the critical media, notably A*Desk, Arte!, Artnexus, Artload and Campo de Relámpagos.

The first ever showing in beta of LOOP’s upcoming VIDEOCLOOP will be on display. In conjunction with artists and gallerists, this is an online platform and archive dedicated to showcasing and researching films and videos which were entries in previous editions.

LOOP Fair – a Professional Framework for Video and Artist Films

LOOP Fair provides a specialist and market framework. The galleries and works of its artists are chosen in a selection process by an independent committee. The Fair sets out as a commercial venture and, given its current socio-economic structure, has become one of the fundamental frameworks for generating and displaying the critical thinking of video artists, who rely on the support and endeavours of their gallerists and collectors.

To this end, LOOP Fair promotes working through the LOOP Protocol, a participative contract which upholds the rights of artists, collectors and gallerists, as well as the terms of exhibit conservation.

LOOP Fair, the professional meeting from LOOP Festival, has the support of Institut de Cultura de Barcelona (Ajuntament de Barcelona), Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals (Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya) and Acción Cultural Española.


48 artists of 28 nationalities.

  • 6% women; 58.4% men.
  • 56% European artists, with a marked presence of Eastern European countries (Croatia, Romania, Russia, Turkey).
  • Spain is represented by 3 female artists – Esther Ferrer, Cristina Lucas and Marina Núñez.
  • The Americas account for 18.75% of all artists, hailing from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, the United States and Mexico.
  • 75% of all artists are from Asia, 7 from the Pacific-Indian Ocean basins – China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand – with 1 artist from Israel and 1 from the Lebanon.
  • 25% of the artists were born in Africa.

45 galleries from 20 countries.

  • 11% from Spain.
  • 4 galleries from the Americas, 4 from Asia and 1 from Africa.

45 videos and films produced from 1961 to 2017.

  • 7 premieres, two of them by the Colombian artist, Marcos Ávila Forero.
  • 3 artists participating in the Venice Biennial (Marcos Ávila Forero, Mohau Modisakeng and Sasha Pirogova).
  • Duration: nearly 11 hours + an ongoing online project.

The most expensive work, valued at €36,000, is by Chen Qiulin (A Thousand Plateaus Art Space, Chengdu). The lowest priced work, valued at €1,750, is an animation by James Rielly, presented by New Art Projects, London.

  • Average price: €9.900 + VAT
  • Total editions: 225
  • Average edition: 5 copies (58.3% are 5-copy editions)

Over 800 accredited professionals at LOOP Fair 2017.

Accreditation: Applications for press accreditation are now open. Register here.


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